24 November 2010

give thanks.

While washing my face this morning, my soapy fingers ran over two tiny bumps on my chin - undoubtedly the beginning of two zits. Without hesitating, I looked up into the mirror, splashing soap and water all over the place - making my typical bird bath situation a million times worse - and examined my chin. Instant panic set in - my one second nightmare became reality as I realized that two zits were about to take over my chin. Really?! Right before Thanksgiving!? (I know I can be dramatic, but it literally went down like that).

Thirty minutes later, I'm driving to work, and find myself checking to see how the "situation" on my face was doing. (as if my face was going to explode any second). Again, I find myself saying, "damn! why me!?"

Sixty minutes later, I'm being sent home from work for the third day in a row, because my horrible cold is contagious and my boss doesn't want any of our volunteers to get my germs (rightfully so, I suppose). 

On my way out of the hospital, I stopped by to talk to a friend of mine, who is going through a particularly tough time. While we were casually chatting, she started to tear up. Without going into details, I think it's suffice to say that I'd never wish the cards she has been to dealt to anyone - not even my worst enemy, if I had one. As we changed the mood of the conversation to something more positive, I realized how ridiculous I was being this morning. Did I seriously have the nerve to get agitated about my barely there acne? Unfortunately, this isn't the first time I've had this self-realization. I am constantly being reminded that my complaints are pretty pathetic. Does this mean that I'm not going to complain? Let's be real...probably  not. However, I think I need to start giving thanks for what I do have, rather than bitch and moan about things that aren't going my way. I have SO much to be thankful for - a sister, who is one of my best friends; loving, supportive parents, who would do anything for me; an awesome brother and two pseudo brothers; a brand new sister-in-law; a best friend, who has been here for me for over 12 years; a pseudo paki sister (and her fam) who I love to death; an amazing boyfriend that I am extremely blessed to have; a cousin, who has been like my sister since I was two; a fun and secure job with awesome co-workers; two adorable pups; and SO much more (including some things of the materialistic variety!). So this Thanksgiving, rather than dwell on ridiculous things, I'm giving thanks.

PS. Thank you to a very special friend, who has had a tremendous impact on my family's life - whether she knows it or not.

22 November 2010


How I expect to write a blog when I'm already having writer's block is beyond me...but that's beside the point. It's the year 2010 and I'm only joining the blogging bandwagon now. I've always written in journals, but never had an inclination to air my laundry - clean or dirty - in public via the internet.  I'm a very outgoing person, who admittedly loves attention and seldom cares about what other people think, but do I really want my "dear diary" entries to be seen by anyone and everyone who has access to the infamous world wide web? Hardly.

Ironically, I love reading other people's blogs - even if I'm not friends with the "blogger." There are many times while I'm reading a blog and I think to myself, "why the hell am I reading this blog?! I don't even like this person! Not to mention the fact that I have about ten million other things I could, or more likely, need to be doing!" The truth is, regardless of whether I like the person or not, I love reading. I often find blogs to be quite interesting and entertaining, and maybe, just maybe, educational. Moreover, I love to write. So of course, being the obsessive analytical person that I am, I ask myself, if other people are so quick to "air their laundry in public," why have I shied away from it for so long? Especially when blogging will actually force me to be a better writer.

So here I am, sitting on my couch, watching Monday Night Football (after Dancing with the Stars, of course), with my box of Puffs Plus with Lotion next to me ready to nurse my swollen nose upon my next sneeze (I've been blessed with a horrendous cold), talking to one of my best friends via gchat, and attempting to start a blog that I will hopefully be loyal to. 

This is my life. unwoven.

ps. Happy Birthday, Mikey!